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Scholastic books brings imagination to the minds of most Americans. Just about everyone remembers a book fair in grade school where the cafeteria was transformed into colorful chaos of books and magazines. But Scholastic isn’t just about book fairs or books. The evolution of the company and its products is impressive, but the most impressive feat is Scholastic’s ability to appeal to every part of the educational process.

Scholastic books realizes that the first teacher a child has is a parent, and with that responsibility parents need a place to find quality books and materials.

For parents and children, the Scholastic books catalog is available online or through a local representative. The website provides invaluable advice beyond how to pick books for children. Not sure who Captain Underpants is? Scholastic books has got the ever-changing culture of kids covered. Parents can keep up to date on trends in children’s literature through the website, as well as access refresher courses to better help kids with homework.

Scholastic books is also considered a one-stop shop of solutions for teachers.. Scholastic teaching books are available on the Scholastic books website or catalog.
Scholastic teaching books cover a wide range of reading levels from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12, and include the subjects of Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Early Learning and Special Education. The website also separates teaching books by themes, such as Civil Rights and Artistic Discovery, and by price range.

The teacher-focused site holds immense amounts of information and help. Resources available through the Scholastic books website include lesson plans, either by subject or collection, strategies for teaching with technology or motivating readers, and online activities like message boards and blogs. Teachers can also build a classroom website, where homework assignments, schedules, book lists, and projects can all be seen by students and parents.

Scholastic books reach millions of children each year and helps parents and teachers formulate ways to make reading a passion for children. Later this year, Scholastic books hopes to reach millions once again with the release of the seventh and final Harry Potter book, of which Scholastic has exclusive publication rights to in the U.S. After the publication of that book, Scholastic books will be searching for the next big book to influence and inspire readers in continuation with their goal to bring the world to the classroom.

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