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College students go through many text books each year. Every semester they need several new books, all of which can cost over one hundred dollars each. Since most college students are poor, it’s imperative that they find new and cheaper ways to buy college text books. By buying discount college text books, the average student can save a lot of money.

If the student insists on buying their text books at the school store, there are still cheaper options.

Most school stores carry used college text books in addition to the new ones. These are books that were bought back from students at the end of the previous semester. They are usually only slightly worn and still in good condition. Students can save a portion of their money by buying all of their school store’s used text books. Still, there are even cheaper ways to acquire the books.

Another way to get cheap text books is by buying them back from fellow students. This ensures that the student is buying the correct edition. Most times the fellow students will sell them on the cheap to help out their classmates. It’s wise to befriend people who are in the same degree program so that they can swap college text books or sell them at a lower price.

A great way to find discount text books online is by searching comparison websites.
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Enter your college text books’ titles into the search engines at or to receive a list of the best prices on the Internet. These websites search all of the best Internet booksellers and list the results starting with the cheapest offer. They list both used and new college text books to satisfy the tastes of the student. Some people prefer their college text books to be brand new, but still want a good price. Using these websites can accomplish this.

There are websites that allow students to browse through their selection of cheap text books before making a purchase. The website provides listing of both new and used college text books. If the student is unsure of the quality of sites that the comparison websites return, they can use a normal discount college text books store instead. This way, if they feel like the site is trustworthy, they can use them for all their college text book needs.

Students can save a lot of money by buying discount college text books. College students are often low on funds because they have little time for work while attending school full time. For this reason, it’s imperative that they save money on their college text books.

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