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Discount Old Marvel Comic Books For Sale

Comic books may be one of the most misunderstood mass culture art forms to emerge during the twentieth century. Commonly associated with juveniles and cheap story lines, comics have often been cast aside by more high-minded art critics. But like all art forms, comic books offer a wide range of content, style, and depth—it’s just much easier to read the shallow, inane offerings in the Sunday paper.

The history of comic books resembles that of a person, beginning with its childish antics in the beginning of the twentieth century and leading to the eventual blossoming of adult-oriented content found in contemporary artists like Frank Miller.

The publishing of Richard Felton Outcault’s Yellow Kid is often cited as the first comic strip. Even though there were comic strips published prior to Outcault’s, he was the artist to create the balloon type element that contained the words the characters spoke. Most comic books, the first of which were called The Funnies, were humoristic in their content. But the crash of the stock market in 1929 altered the content of comic books. The depression was like the loss of a parent causing a child to turn its attention to more mature themes.

The 1930s’ saw the emergence of adventure and superhero comics. The most famous of these were Superman, Captain Marvel, and Batman—all of which featured muscular men with an alternative identity. It should be no surprise that the style of comic books would be altered by the greater social landscape. The United States was entering a period of social fragmentation and the glory days of the twenties were nothing but a fading memory. The humor comic books no longer spoke to people about their everyday situation. But the idea that any man can turn himself into a cultural superhero resonated with a culture experiencing a catastrophic World War and a devastating economic depression.

After what is commonly referred to as the Golden Years of the 1930s’ and 40s’, comic books entered the Silver Age , headed by Marvel Comics Universe. Marvel brought the world of comic books to another level. No longer were characters perfect men with toned bodies, intent on ridding society of its gangsters and mad scientists.
The characters created by Marvel Comic Books were often by-products of failed science experiments and they often had to deal with an unwelcome reception by the human population. This confrontation with scientific inquiry by Marvel Comic Books was a reflection on the overall, cultural questioning of scientific expansion after the dropping of a nuclear bomb.

The end of the Silver Age of comics brought on the Bronze Age. The Bronze Age of comics saw artists develop characters and themes in a more mature, in-depth manner. Eventually the Bronze Age would move into the present, Gimmick age. The Gimmick age saw the leaders in industry devise a number of gimmicks as a way of selling more comics. The most famous of these gimmicks is the killing off of characters, only to bring them back a few issues later—remember the Superman fiasco? The gimmick age also saw comics really move their influence to the big screen. Titles such as Batman, Terminator, Spiderman, and The Incredible Hulk have all become blockbuster hits.

The evolution of comic books is intriguing in that it often reflects the greater social landscape in which it exists. The old comic books glitter with a sense of innocence found in the burgeoning of a new country and culture. But as that country began to questions its beliefs and ideas, so too did comic books alter their content and style. Today, comics find themselves being adapted to the big screen and enjoying the lavish, opulent media attention that comes with being a celebrity in the 21st century.

Finding old comic books for sale has been made much easier by the rise of the Internet. Popular sites such as eBay and Amazon offer a wide range of comics for sale. But one can still venture to the traditional comic book shows—found in community centers and city halls across the country—as a way to purchase and discuss both contemporary and old comic books.

Comic books have become a thriving industry and an international, cultural movement. They come in such a wide range of style and content that it’s surprisingly simply to find a particular character, or villain, to suit one’s taste. It will be interesting to see how comics confront the age of the Internet and how it may affect their characters.

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Discount / Cheap New And Used College Text Books

College students go through many text books each year. Every semester they need several new books, all of which can cost over one hundred dollars each. Since most college students are poor, it’s imperative that they find new and cheaper ways to buy college text books. By buying discount college text books, the average student can save a lot of money.

If the student insists on buying their text books at the school store, there are still cheaper options.

Most school stores carry used college text books in addition to the new ones. These are books that were bought back from students at the end of the previous semester. They are usually only slightly worn and still in good condition. Students can save a portion of their money by buying all of their school store’s used text books. Still, there are even cheaper ways to acquire the books.

Another way to get cheap text books is by buying them back from fellow students. This ensures that the student is buying the correct edition. Most times the fellow students will sell them on the cheap to help out their classmates. It’s wise to befriend people who are in the same degree program so that they can swap college text books or sell them at a lower price.

A great way to find discount text books online is by searching comparison websites.
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Enter your college text books’ titles into the search engines at or to receive a list of the best prices on the Internet. These websites search all of the best Internet booksellers and list the results starting with the cheapest offer. They list both used and new college text books to satisfy the tastes of the student. Some people prefer their college text books to be brand new, but still want a good price. Using these websites can accomplish this.

There are websites that allow students to browse through their selection of cheap text books before making a purchase. The website provides listing of both new and used college text books. If the student is unsure of the quality of sites that the comparison websites return, they can use a normal discount college text books store instead. This way, if they feel like the site is trustworthy, they can use them for all their college text book needs.

Students can save a lot of money by buying discount college text books. College students are often low on funds because they have little time for work while attending school full time. For this reason, it’s imperative that they save money on their college text books.

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Discount Books: Entertainment, Christian, Child, Audio

Reading is important. Some people think that books are boring, but that’s not the case. Most people become educated by reading books and take great joy in the process. As a result, books can be a pricey investment. Fortunately, many books are available at discount prices.

There are several ways to find discount books. Big chain stores like Barnes & Noble and Borders carry discount books sections in addition to their regularly priced books. These sections hold brand new books, but at incredibly reduced prices. They usually have a large selection to choose from and in many different categories.

Another way to find discount books is to search the yellow pages. There are often many locally owned bookstores that carry discount books. The great thing about locally owned stores is that they often have a selection of hard to find books; ones that the big chain stores don’t carry.

Discount books can also be found online. There are many online booksellers, so it can often be a hassle to search them all. Use a comparison website to search all of the websites instead. Sites like will search through all major book websites to find the cheapest deal. They often give results that provide a discount of more than 50% off the retail price. And that’s on new discount books, not used. Comparison sites are a great way to find the best deals on discount books.

Discount entertainment books are a must-have for readers who enjoy movies, games, television, or music. Entertainment books usually cover the visual and audio arts that are popular among the majority of the population. For example, there are discount entertainment books that cover popular television shows like Lost and Survivor.
They give tips, facts, and behind the scenes information about the shows. These are discount books that the entertainment junkie shouldn’t pass up.

Buy Christian books discount if inspiration and faith based writing interests you. These are very popular books for a number of people. is a discount books website that has a section specifically displaying Christian books discount. This is a great site to get recommendations on books and to find the best deals.

Children’s discount books are a must for every family. Reading a great way for children to learn and buying discount books is a necessity for most parents looking to save money. Children’s discount books can be found at any of the above mentioned sites and stores. There are often whole shelves of discount books sections at the big book stores devoted to children’s books.

Another way to find new discount books is to join a book club. These are clubs that offer a wide selection of books for book lovers. Most provide an introductory offer that usually has each book costing less than a dollar. The only catch is that many book club memberships contain contracts that require members to purchase a set number of additional books within a set period of time. As a result, it’s important for potential members to read the fine print before agreeing to a membership. Book clubs are a good deal for those planning to buy more books in the future. Consult for current book club deals.

It’s important to read as many books as possible. The more a person reads, the more he or she learns. Unfortunately, reading can be quite expensive in the continually expanding publishing industry. Luckily, there is the option of finding books at discount prices. Discount books are a great way for book lovers to read and save money at the same time.

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Discount Used Books: College, Paperback, Cook

There are many people who just can’t seem to stop reading. They devour every book in sight, finishing even the thickest novels in only a few days. For these voracious readers, buying used is not only a good idea, it is imperative. New books can be expensive. Instead of spending all of their hard earned money on books they’ll complete in a week, book addicts should buy used books.

If the reader already has the book they want in mind, comparison shopping online can save them money and time. Simply enter the book’s title into a site like or to see a list of prices. These websites will search a plethora of online booksellers and return a list of the cheapest deals. This can help save time so that the consumer doesn’t have to look through all of the online used booksellers themselves.

When the reader doesn’t know what they want and would rather browse for books, there are plenty of local used bookstores in most metro areas. Half Price Books is a popular used bookstore that has locations in fourteen US states. Search the local yellow pages to see where great used bookstores are to find the best deals.

Another way to browse used books is by searching online from the comfort of home. Doing a simple search on used books can bring a large list of companies that provide them. has plenty of categories for readers to browse through, as well as great prices on their used book selection.

Cheaper still, the classic way to find used books is at the local library.
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Libraries let readers borrow used books for free for a set period of time. This is a great option for people who don’t wish to keep the books they read. Libraries can be found anywhere, even in most small towns. Search the yellow pages or online to find one in your city.

Used cook books are plentiful when searching stores, libraries, and online booksellers. Since cooks learn the recipes and are able to recall them later, it’s normal for cookbooks to circulate through the used book market. Also, buying a used cook book is a good way to sample recipes.

Used college books are one of the biggest areas of used books. Since most students only need their textbook for a few months, the books go in and out of circulation regularly. Most college students are also low on funds, so buying used college books is very important. This can save a lot of money. New textbooks can go for over one hundred dollars, so buying used college books is the smartest thing a student can do.

Most readers prefer paperback books. They’re easy to carry around and are often a cheaper buy. For those people who like used paperback books, Paperback Book Swap could be right for them. This is a website that facilitates the trading of used paperback books between members. It doesn’t cost any money to receive a book and only costs shipping to send one of your own. This is a great way to read books for those readers who go through books quickly. Visit to join.

Buying used books can save a lot of money for the avid reader. New books are expensive, so buying books used is the best idea. Whether you like cooking, reading textbooks, or just sitting down with a good novel, used books can help you.

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50% Off Borders Books And Music Store Coupon

Borders is in business to sell stories, but has a story of its own that is rooted in its passion for books. Over 74 years of peddling the written word has established Borders Books and Music as a leader in book and music selling.

Borders is in business to sell stories, but has a story of its own that is rooted in its passion for books. Over 74 years of peddling the written word has established Borders Books and Music as a leader in book and music selling.

Borders officially found its start in Ann Arbor, Mich. when Tom and Louis Borders opened the Borders Book Shop. Together, they spread books throughout the quiet academic community and began the flagship store and eventual headquarters. What began as a passion soon became a literal empire of learning. Borders Books began to prove that it was without borders when in 1997 it established its first store outside the U.S., in Singapore. In 2001, Borders Books formed an alliance with, which erased further boundaries for the reach of the brand.

Borders Books is on a mission: to be the preferred place for knowledge and entertainment throughout the world. Borders Books and Music stores provide over 200,000 titles in books, music and movies. This inventory is not unique in comparison to competitors, but the reach of Borders Books is the key to the accomplishment of their mission.

Borders Books locations are continually expanding. Currently, Borders remains the only U.S. book retailer to go global. After the store in Singapore, Borders Books began expanding further into the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand. The newest store is in Dublin and there are plans for one in United Arab Emirates. In total, Borders Books has 1,300 stores around the world, while its’ nearest competitor has only 830.

Borders Books coupons are not needed to save money at Borders. Instead, the company provides customers a program called Borders Rewards that passes on savings and special offers.
Borders Rewards is a free service that enables customers to accrue points with each purchase made. As a customer’s points increase, they can be used for services and discounts at Borders stores.

Coupons, exclusive offers, news, and recommendations are available to Borders Rewards customers. Customers can save 10% on an entire day of shopping with the Personal Shopping Day benefit and have 5% of expenditures at Borders stores go into a personal Borders sponsored account for the holidays called Holiday Savings Rewards.

The digital technology is affecting all book and music retailers. The music industry is undergoing the most major change with the introduction of iTunes, with the book industry following with attempts at digital formats. CEO George Jones isn’t worried about competitors or changing industry. His past work in Hollywood has driven him to take Borders books services to a new level. According to a recent Borders press release, he said that Borders books has to think of itself as more than just a book seller, but as a provider of information and entertainment. Only time will tell if Borders can continue to break through barriers.

Will Borders continue to break barriers in the book selling business? Only the company can answer that question. To be the preferred vendor for books and music throughout the world is a hefty goal, one that requires continual innovation to keep with the changing industry. Based on its track record, Borders is definitely up to the task.

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Discounted Scholastic Books: Teaching, Catalog

Scholastic books brings imagination to the minds of most Americans. Just about everyone remembers a book fair in grade school where the cafeteria was transformed into colorful chaos of books and magazines. But Scholastic isn’t just about book fairs or books. The evolution of the company and its products is impressive, but the most impressive feat is Scholastic’s ability to appeal to every part of the educational process.

Scholastic books realizes that the first teacher a child has is a parent, and with that responsibility parents need a place to find quality books and materials.

For parents and children, the Scholastic books catalog is available online or through a local representative. The website provides invaluable advice beyond how to pick books for children. Not sure who Captain Underpants is? Scholastic books has got the ever-changing culture of kids covered. Parents can keep up to date on trends in children’s literature through the website, as well as access refresher courses to better help kids with homework.

Scholastic books is also considered a one-stop shop of solutions for teachers.. Scholastic teaching books are available on the Scholastic books website or catalog.
Scholastic teaching books cover a wide range of reading levels from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12, and include the subjects of Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Early Learning and Special Education. The website also separates teaching books by themes, such as Civil Rights and Artistic Discovery, and by price range.

The teacher-focused site holds immense amounts of information and help. Resources available through the Scholastic books website include lesson plans, either by subject or collection, strategies for teaching with technology or motivating readers, and online activities like message boards and blogs. Teachers can also build a classroom website, where homework assignments, schedules, book lists, and projects can all be seen by students and parents.

Scholastic books reach millions of children each year and helps parents and teachers formulate ways to make reading a passion for children. Later this year, Scholastic books hopes to reach millions once again with the release of the seventh and final Harry Potter book, of which Scholastic has exclusive publication rights to in the U.S. After the publication of that book, Scholastic books will be searching for the next big book to influence and inspire readers in continuation with their goal to bring the world to the classroom.

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Oprahs Book Club

While walking through a grid of aisles encasing stacks of literature, the covers of certain books may quickly catch a reader’s attention, especially if a book is donned with a coveted stamp of approval. Occasionally, a circular golden emblem will symbolize a novel’s great literary achievement. However, it is Oprah Winfrey’s stamp of approval currently validating works of literature.

Labeled the biggest book club in the world, Oprah’s Book Club has captivated an elusive segment of America’s population, an audience generally known to tune into reality television, dramatic hour-long television shows and common thirty-minute sitcoms rather than open a book.

Oprah, arguably the most popular television figure in the world and one of the wealthiest women across the globe, chose a mixture of literary classics and contemporary best-sellers to become inaugurated into her elite book club. Over the span of its 10-year duration, Oprah’s Book Club has popularized reading within her audience demographic.

In 1996, the talk-show host’s loyal audience of mainly female viewers was introduced to Oprah’s Book Club. In its first year, Oprah’s Book Club assigned three books: Jane Hamilton’s “The Book of Ruth,” Jacquelyn Mitchard’s “The Deep End of the Ocean” and Toni Morrison’s critically praised and highly symbolic “Song of Solomon.”

An acclaimed novelist, Morrison is a favorite in Oprah’s Book Club; Oprah has selected four of Morrison’s novels. Other notable selections in the club’s early years include “White Oleander” by Janet Finch, “She’s Come Undone” by Wally Lamb, “Black and Blue” by Anna Quindlen and “House of Sand and Fog” by Andres Dubus III.

The primary focus of Oprah’s Book Club’s selection switched from contemporary to classic novels in 2003. Oprah’s widespread reading group delved into John Steinbeck’s American classic, “East of Eden,” as well as Alan Paton’s work about the apartheid in South Africa, “Cry, Beloved Country. ” In 2004, the talk-show host assigned Leo Tolstoy’s Russian classic “Anna Karenina” and Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s groundbreaking work of magical realism, “One Hundred Years of Solitude.”

A year later, Oprah’s Book Club ambitiously chose three William Faulkner works, including “The Sound and the Fury,” which is commonly considered the most complicated work of American fiction. Readers soon grew tired of Oprah’s elevation of classic novels over contemporary works. After fans and writers sent a petition to Oprah’s Book Club, it began re-exploring contemporary works.

When Oprah selected James Frey’s “A Million Little Pieces” in 2005, the sobering and stunning memoir about overcoming drug addiction catapulted to the top of readers’ lists. After initially supporting Frey despite an aggressive attack on the author’s credibility, Oprah invited Frey to her show several months later and chastised the author for inventing many of the significant details of his memoir. Though the talk-show host revoked her support for the now-infamous author, the hour-long show served as a catalyst for an important discussion on the definition of memoir and the authority of memoirists and autobiographers.

While Oprah has been criticized for choosing only sentimental works, Oprah’s Book Club continues to keep the country moving their eyes across the pages of many quality books. The most recent book, Elie Wiesel’s award-winning biography “Night,” reached the top spot in non-fiction paperbacks segment of the New York Times Bestseller’s List in February 2006. Clearly, Oprah not only holds the eyes of millions of television viewers, but also thousands of consumers’ eyes at the bookshop.

Prestigious Book Awards

While perusing through the collection of books at your favorite book store, you may notice a metallic-colored imprint on the cover of certain works. It is a sign of quality fiction with arresting plot lines, complex characters and culturally-pertinent themes. These book awards are literary badges of honor denoting masterpieces of literature which showcase an author’s fascinating, socially-relevant voice.

With fiction being the largest genre of books, a vast amount of book awards comes with the territory.

Administered by Columbia University, The Pulitzer Prize is often considered the greatest book award an author can receive. The first Pulitzer awards were given in 1917 with the fiction category introduced in 1948. Winners of this prestigious honor include Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird,” Norman Mailer’s “The Executioner’s Song,” Toni Morrison’s “Beloved” and Jhumpa Lahiri’s collection of short stories, “The Interpreter of Maladies.”

While most consider the Pulitzer to be the highest honor, the Nobel Prize for Literature does not fall short of prestige and historical achievement. With past winners including J.M. Coetzee, Toni Morrison, Saul Bellow and Jean-Paul Sartre, the list is complete with a dream team of artistic and philosophical writers. According to Alfred Nobel’s will, the Nobel Prize for Literature is selected by a committee of three to five people and receives $10 million for producing the most outstanding work in a chosen field.

The Man Booker Prize, or the Booker Award, is awarded in Britain to the best work of contemporary fiction.
As of 2006, The Man Booker Prize is entering its 38th year and has crowned authors such as Ian McEwan, Alan Hollinghurst, Margaret Atwood and J.M. Coetzee. According to its website, any novel can win this particular book award, but the work cannot be self-published and must be written in the English language.

In America, the PEN Faulkner Award is highly regarded. Sponsored by PEN (Poets, Playwrights, Essayists, Editors and Novelists), the Faulkner Award, named after the classic American author of “The Sound and the Fury” and “As I Lay Dying,” acknowledges an exceptional work of fiction and is selected by a committee of fiction writers. Winners of this book award include Don DeLillo, E. Annie Proulx and Philip Roth.

While authors write the books, critics have the power to sustain or strangle the work’s legacy. The National Book Critics Circle Award is one of the ways to solidify certain works’ deserved recognition. The National Book Critics Circle is composed of 700 book reviewers promoting great works and recognizing literary excellence via its book award. Past winners include Ian McEwan, Ernest J. Gaines, Cormac McCarthy and John Updike.

With an understanding of some of the most significant book awards, you can select your next read with more precision and passion, arriving at your own conclusion as to whether the work deserves critical acclaim. After reading the book, award yourself for pursuing a quality piece of printed art.